Custom Glass Art

There are several options you can choose when ordering a custom fused glass project from Glassworks Studio:


1. Tell us what you want and we will make it. Great for awards, and personal gifts. Cost $50 per hour plus materials.

2. Tell us what you want, we will draw it out and prepare the glass, but you do the placement and creativity within the pattern. Perfect for schools and corporate groups. $50 set up fee plus project price.

3. For school, families, groups of any kind, choose a color theme, material choice and tile size. Let everyone create their own piece and we will mount as a mirror, corkboard, whiteboard, or quilted piece of art to go on the wall or in a stand. $50 set up fee plus project price.

Our experienced and talented staff can do installations to individual personalized items. Free consultation. The more you can share with our artists the better they can create your custom work.

Click the button below to email the studio and begin the process of creating your custom glass art by Glassworks!