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Find out more about the Glassworks Studio Experience

The Glassworks Experience
What do you do at Glassworks?
Glassworks is a make-your-own fused glass studio! Guests come in (many with no experience), select a project they want to work on, and then Glassworks Associates provide instructions and advice for you while you work on your project at your own ability level and pace.
Is this for kids or adults?
The answer is YES! The process of selecting glass pieces and laying out your picture is simple enough for young guests and “non-artsy” adults, but also limitless for the creative and motivated artist.

For young children (3 -6 years) we have prepared kits with written and visual instructions included. For children under 10 they can work with small pieces of glass to build a design, we have templates to help. Guests aged 10+ have the option to cut glass to complete their projects.

At Wine on Wednesday from 5-10pm we are for adults only! You may bring your own beverages but no food, please. We provide wine glasses, bottle openers.

All other days, including the ‘First Friday’ of the month when we open late until 9pm, are for everyone, kids and adults alike.

What can we make?
There are lots of different projects! Guests select from our different size and shape options (i.e. a bowl, a platter, a picture frame, a suncatcher, etc). Everything starts as a blank, clear canvas, and then the colors and design are all completely up to you! See lots of different customer-made samples in our Gallery.
Do I need to be artistic?
Not at all! No matter your artistic ability you will succeed in making a piece that you will love. You can simply choose a color family and create a pattern or be guided by one of the many templates available.
Planning Your Visit
When are you open?

Walk-in Open Studio for ages 3-103 – Weekends 12pm-6pm, Weekdays (except Wednesday) 12pm-6pm (the First Friday of every month we open late until 9pm)

Walk-in Studio for adults (drinks welcome) – Wednesday 5-10pm

7 days a week you can book private Team Building Events, Field trips, Birthday Parties and Teen/Adult Celebrations.

We will be CLOSED on the following dates every Year:

New Year’s Day                             

Easter Sunday                                  

Memorial Day                                 

Independence Day                             

Labor Day                            



Do I need a reservation?
We prefer reservations. Just like at a restaurant, making a reservation guarantees your seats and is always helpful to us (especially if you are a group of 5 or more). Usually you can just walk in during our open hours, however, on school holidays and some weekends, we do have to turn people away so it’s better to be safe than sorry! Our online reservations close 24 hours in advance, please call 973-656-0800 to make last minute reservations.

Click HERE to make a reservation.
What if I need to cancel?
If you have made a reservation for any of our open studio sessions just let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we will refund your deposit.

Reservations for parties and groups are non refundable. In the event of adverse weather causing us to close the studio we will offer you the opportunity to reschedule your event.

How long does it take to make something?
You may take as long as you like to complete your design, but it almost always takes only a single visit. Guests under 10 usually need 1-2 hours. Teenagers and adult guests usually need 2-3 hours. However, it is completely up to you and your attention span and focus.

During busy times your session will be limited to 3 hours to allow other guests the chance to make a project. The studio fee included in your project cost allows for 1 additional visit if needed. Additional visits after this will be charged at $10 per visit.

Each piece is then in the kiln for 1 or 2 firings at around 20 hours each, so it takes several days to fuse (melt) and slump (mold) your piece and get it ready for pick-up. Your projects are ready for pick-up one week after your visit. We do NOT call when projects are ready, you just come back at your convenience.

What should I wear?
No special clothing is necessary; there is no paint so no mess! Closed toe shoes are recommended for walking safely around the studio but are not a requirement.
Location and Parking
Where is the studio located?
Glassworks Studio | 151 South Street | Morristown | NJ

The studio is located in Downtown Morristown next door to Swiss Chalet Bakery, minutes from the I-287 and a short walk from Morristown Train Station.

Where do I park?
Glassworks Studio does not have any customer parking. The town lots at The Vail Mansion (110 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960) or Franklin & Elm St (25 Elm St, Morristown, NJ 07960) offer extended parking beyond the typical three hour studio visit. Street parking is also available for 90 mins – 2 hours and accepts coins and credit cards. After 6pm Monday thru Saturday and after 3pm on Sunday, the Swiss Chalet does allow use of their parking lot just around the corner from Glassworks on Madison St. Please, as a courtesy, do not use the lot reserved for their customers when the business is open.
Are you wheelchair accessible?
Glassworks is in a basement location below street level, which is down 7 stairs, a landing, and 10 more stairs, which may make it difficult for some customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
What is the cost?
The cost is based on the project you choose. Projects start at $23, with lots of options at every price point in between, the average cost is around $40. You can make a fantastic project using the glass that is included in your project fee. There are optional extras that you can add to your project if you choose for a small additional cost.

There is no studio fee. Charges for studio time are only made if:

  • Two or more people work together on a project; in which case there is a $10 per person sharing charge. This charge does not apply to an adult assisting a small child without the use of tools.
  • It takes you more than the 2 visits permitted to complete your project; in which case there is a $10 charge per additional session.
Do you offer any discounts?
You will find coupons in the Kids Stuff and Entertainment Coupon Book. Throughout the year we offer discounts via our monthly email or via social media.

All Field Trips are discounted for schools, camps and Scout groups.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Yes! Our gift certificates are unique fused glass tiles available in values from $10 to $100. We have a range of seasonal or general designs that you can choose from. This makes giving a gift certificate a little more exciting! Paper certificates are also available should you need to mail your gift.
About Glass Fusing
What is glass fusing?
Glass fusing is the process of melting glass layers together in a glass kiln. You create a project in your own colors and design using small, colored pieces of glass on top of a clear base, like building a mosaic or collage. You work with the glass while it is cold, glue it all down, and leave it with our experienced team to carry out the fusing process in our on-site kilns.
It's glass, how do I stay safe?
We try to keep you as safe as possible by giving instruction for how to work with the glass and providing goggles for eye protection. As you are working with glass it is important to use common sense and exercise caution, for example, not running your finger along the edge of the glass. We do provide Band AidsTM on every table just in case.

It is the responsibility of parents or accompanying adults to ensure the safety of minors, including making sure that they do not run or eat in the studio.

How do I get my project back when it's done?
Projects are ready usually one week from the day they are made, and someone needs to return to the studio to pick them up.

Shipping is available for $12 handling + the actual USPS cost. You can decide to ship while you are here or call us later to arrange it.
What if my piece breaks...?
…at Glassworks?

Stuff happens, everywhere including in our kilns. If regretfully something happens to your piece in our firing process, the following is our policy:

1. If breakage is due to the customer not following our instructions, there is no remediation.
2. If it is our fault or the kilns’ fault, you receive a complete Do-Over PLUS 10% bonus towards your remake
You may receive a refund in the same method you paid less a 30% experience fee.

Please know we do everything we can to make your experience here enriching and engaging and we do everything we can to aim for your intended outcome. We apologize in advance for any time we fall short of this goal.

…at home?

Save the pieces! Give us a call or send us an email with a photo. We may be able to repair your piece or offer suggestions on how you can recycle the pieces into a new project. A firing fee may apply.

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