Public Walk In Open Studio

Anyone Can Be a Glass Artist – No Experience Necessary!

Walk in Open Studio Hours for kids (age 3+) and adults:

  • Every day (except Wednesday) from 12pm to 6pm. 
  • The First Friday of every month we stay open late to 9pm. 

For our Adult Night hours CLICK HERE

No experience necessary, all instructions are given before you start creating. Scroll down to find out what to expect when you visit.

Walk in guests welcome. Expect to spend around 1.5 to 2+ hours here depending on age and complexity of your design.

Drinks (preferably with lids) are welcome in the studio | NO food

The Glassworks Experience

Click the + on the steps below to see what you can expect during your visit.

Step 1. Select Your Project

Start by picking the project that you want to make from our display shelves; choose based on the shape and size of the piece, the color and design will be up to you once you start creating! There are a wide variety of project choices, with prices starting at $23. 

A $10 per additional person sharing fee will be applied to guests working together on a project, this does not apply to children under 10 except where an adult uses cutting tools to assist the child.

For young children (3 -6 years) we have prepared kits with written and visual instructions included.

Step 2. Instruction

Our friendly and experienced studio associates will give you instructions on how to create with our glass.

Guests aged 10+ have the option to cut glass, for younger customers or those who do not wish to cut the glass we have small precut pieces; amazing projects can be created either way.

At this stage most people are surprised to be presented with a flat piece of glass -  the slumping process (if you selected a shaped project) happens later in the kiln.

Step 3. Start Designing

Collect your colored pieces of glass from our buffet table and begin laying them out to create your design. If you choose, you can sketch your design directly onto the glass, this will later burn away in the kiln.

Feeling shaky? You can choose an outline stencil or look at an assortment of idea books for inspiration. For a small charge, we also offer embellishments and charms that will enhance your design.

Step 4. Questions?

Throughout your session Glassworks' studio associates will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and offer guidance as your project moves along.      

Step 5. Finishing Up

Once you’re happy with your design, leave it with us to be fused and slumped in our onsite kilns. Both the fusing and slumping process take almost 24 hours each so your projects are ready for pickup in one week; simply come back after 7 days have passed and ask for your project by the last name that was recorded on the tag. WE DO NOT CONTACT YOU WHEN PROJECTS ARE READY.

We hope that you enjoy your masterpiece, we try our best to make sure your project gets back to you safely; occasionally, due to the nature of the process, accidents happen. Should anything happen to your project we will contact you with your options.

Man and boy create an air plane from glass
Couple create amazing projects from glass