Mosaic Lantern Kit


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Mosaic Lantern Kit


  • lantern with four glass panels
  • special clear glass mosaic glue
  • glue sticks
  • glass for four panels


  1. Remove glass panels by lifting the metal holding tabs
  2. Lay glass flat on a disposable or washable surface.
  3. Layout your glass in the design shown or , as you wish.
  4. Lift each glass piece stating at the upper left corner and place a small dot or thin layer of glue.
  5. Place back where it came from. Continue row by row.
  6. Let dry overnight.
  7. Replace penal in the lantern and use a tool to fold the metal tabs back in place.

Enjoy the candle light you add inside.

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Thank you for choosing to create with glass from Glassworks Studio.

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