Like each of us humans, glass can be transformed over and over again. At different stages of our life we can have different appearances and different strengths and weaknesses.  I would like to take you on a journey with this glass.

Sometimes project do not make it successfully through the kiln firing process, sometimes projects accidentally get broken at home or here, and sometime they simply aren’t needed anymore. Then the fun begins.

  1.  We smashed the glass into small shards. The best way to get rid of the negative feelings you may be experiencing at any given moment.  We take what is whole and break it apart.
    2. Broken doesn’t mean it is garbage. It means it is time to heal and create anew. We fire at very high temperature the broken shards so they become beautiful nuggets of smooth glass. Mostly we use these as party favors for the kids to select from our treasure chests. They can also be made into jewelry. And they can also be used in another project and become a part of something else.

3. This time we went all out and did a crazy experiment to see if we could squash the glass and make it flow and be completely unique. Our first attempt overloaded the kiln and was not successful.  Moving it to another kiln with a more flexible programming range allowed us to succeed.

4. The “Blob” as it became known, was a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece. We photographed it, looked at it, puzzled over what to do with it. And then Eureka!

5. From whole, to broken, to whole and squashed, we broke it up again to use the elements in a completely new project.

With the addition of frit,” crushed glass” , the pieces became the back drop of a menorah. The base was made separately and then joined together with epoxy. Each candle cup sits on its own nugget, which also came from the ‘Blob”.

The most wonderful part about this particular transformation is that it fits into the Hanukkah story so well.  Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after it had been ransacked by the enemy army.  The Jewish people were able to make the Temple whole and holy again.  So now this glass is whole and a religious object as well. 

On this 8th night of Hanukkah, may the light of our candles continue to illuminate the darkness. 


Happy Hanukkah to all  from Glassworks Studio